#1 Online Community for Passionate Gym Owners Ready for Rapid Growth.

In Elite Gym Insiders, successful fitness entrepreneurs openly share their secrets. We help one another achieve the success that we secretly know we can. Together, we expand and grow with the right guidance & support.
All applications go through a strict review process. Due to high volume, expect up to 48 hours for a response.
Meet the Elite
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To My Fellow Gym Owner, A Brief Message:

I’m Ken Andrukow – owner of Reebok CrossFit up in Ramsay, Canada.

Our gym is a multi-million dollar operation that gives me total freedom over my time and life – and we’re nowhere near done...

But the biggest secrets to my success has been:

1) Finding the right community, & 2) Finding the right mentors.

The biggest secrets to my success have been:
  • 1) Finding the right community, and
  • 2) Finding the right mentors.

Mentors point the way.

Community supports you and holds you accountable.

It is an unbeatable combination that makes success more rapid, and more fun.

That’s why we started Elite Gym Insiders...

We are uniting the most Elite minds and hearts in fitness to all grow together – so that we may spread fitness to more people, and give ourselves and our families greater lives.

I look forward to seeing you inside – but note, we don’t take everyone.

In fact, we have a strict application review process.

We only want members that are willing to be open, take action, and check their egos at the door.

We only want members that are willing to be open, take action, and check their egos at the door.

This is a place of kindness, joy, and care.

Ken Andukow
The biggest secrets to my success have been:
  • 1) Finding the right community, and
  • 2) Finding the right mentors.
We only want members that are willing to be open, take action, and check their egos at the door.

Meet a few of the amazing
gym owners in Elite Gym Insiders…

“Results have been priceless. We now work full time in the gym, purchased a building, and are building a new facility.”
Carrie Teborek, CrossFit E-Town
“We are in a much more profitable situation and have nearly doubled our monthly revenue!”
Ryan Stemper, Whole Strength CrossFit
“We went from almost zero referrals in my first six months of ownership to over 75% of our new memberships coming from referrals.”
Dani Russell, Gravitas Fitness
“Life is looking better. Still a long road ahead, but seeing all the progress is very exciting.”
Chris Shimley, Top Fuel CrossFit

Does your gym need more members?

We’ve helped hundreds of gyms run successful “More New Members, Fast” challenge campaigns…

… As a member of Elite Gym Insiders – we hold no secrets back. We’ll teach you too how it’s done.

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637 Sign Ups
CrossFit L-Train
547 Sign Ups
CrossFit Los Feliz
485 Sign Ups
Reebok CrossFit Ramsay
446 Sign Ups
CrossFit Coram
419 Sign Ups
CrossFit Medis
401 Sign Ups
CrossFit Eado
375 Sign Ups
CrossFit Propel
352 Sign Ups
CrossFit South Shore
350 Sign Ups
CrossFit Real Fitness
347 Sign Ups
CrossFit Las Vegas
343 Sign Ups
CrossFit PACE Performance
331 Sign Ups
CrossFit X Project
326 Sign Ups
Aim Higher CrossFit
321 Sign Ups
East Coast Braintree
314 Sign Ups
CrossFit Total Empowerment
312 Sign Ups
Ute CrossFit
307 Sign Ups
CrossFit North Scottsdale
284 Sign Ups
CrossFit Champions
274 Sign Ups
CrossFit New Strength
274 Sign Ups
Arsenal Strength CrossFit 1812
269 Sign Ups
The Fighting Fit
266 Sign Ups
CrossFit SPOT
263 Sign Ups
Real Fitness Sarasota
258 Sign Ups
CrossFit Sandbox
256 Sign Ups
Broward CrossFit
254 Sign Ups
CrossFit Arx
254 Sign Ups
Aegis Team CrossFit
245 Sign Ups
CrossFit Glendale
245 Sign Ups
CrossFit GSP
244 Sign Ups
Centerville CrossFit
238 Sign Ups
CrossFit Barkada
237 Sign Ups
CrossFit Incredible
235 Sign Ups
CrossFit Camo
228 Sign Ups
226 Sign Ups
Total Empowerment
226 Sign Ups
224 Sign Ups
Twice Bitten CrossFit
222 Sign Ups
Big Shoulders CrossFit
216 Sign Ups
Speed Shop
216 Sign Ups
Big Barn CrossFit
215 Sign Ups
Nuclear CrossFit
210 Sign Ups
CrossFit Tigard P.A.W.
209 Sign Ups
CrossFit FTM
209 Sign Ups
CrossFit Coalesce
204 Sign Ups
Crossfit Ulster
204 Sign Ups
Crossfit Roseland
198 Sign Ups
Ballston CrossFit
198 Sign Ups
Joust Strength and Fitness
198 Sign Ups
CrossFit Germantown Performance
197 Sign Ups
CrossFit Nova
197 Sign Ups
CrossFit West Chester
196 Sign Ups
Lion's Roar CrossFit
195 Sign Ups
Cuyahoga Falls Crossfit
195 Sign Ups
CrossFit Duval/JAX Strength and Conditioning
189 Sign Ups
CrossFit 623
187 Sign Ups
CrossFit Tradition
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The Lab
184 Sign Ups
Tiger's Den CrossFit
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Spark Sport Conditioning
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CrossFit 116
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CrossFit Liger
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CrossFit Iron Flag
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CrossFit Uffda
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Plymouth CrossFit - Lower Town
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CrossFit Flight
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West Little Rock CrossFit
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CrossFit Unmatched
179 Sign Ups
Grounded CrossFit
177 Sign Ups
CrossFit Fireball
176 Sign Ups
CrossFit Cerberus
175 Sign Ups
CrossFit 1080
172 Sign Ups
Man O War CrossFit
171 Sign Ups
CrossFit Route 7
169 Sign Ups
CrossFit Garwood
168 Sign Ups
PFC CrossFit 3076
168 Sign Ups
CrossFit Kaiju
166 Sign Ups
CrossFit Inside Out
166 Sign Ups
CrossFit Colfax
166 Sign Ups
CrossFit NoHo
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CrossFit Resurgence
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3-46 GRIT CrossFit
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CrossFit Una Stamus
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CrossFit 103
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CrossFit 1088
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Crossfit Become
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CrossFit Uncivilized
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CrossFit Tuff
158 Sign Ups
CrossFit Crown City
158 Sign Ups
Chicago Fit Life
156 Sign Ups
CrossFit Primal Energy
156 Sign Ups
CrossFit Bellevue
156 Sign Ups
CrossFit South Lamar
155 Sign Ups
Ute CrossFit Sugarhouse
155 Sign Ups
X-Treme Athletics
155 Sign Ups
CrossFit 212
152 Sign Ups
Workhorse Fitness
150 Sign Ups
CrossFit Killeen

Why Gym Owners Are Joining
Elite Gym Insiders...

  • They want systems that predictably send them new members and leads - on demand...
  • They want higher retention rates and to plug the leaks that cause them to lose members over time…
  • They want more freedom - so they have more family time, and so their kids never have to see the inside of a daycare again...
  • They need help getting out of their own way – achieving a true Success Mindset...
  • They want to know what other gyms around the world are doing to achieve massive success and rapid growth...
  • They want more freedom and personal time while generating more revenue...
  • They want to give their gym members an even greater experience (hint: happiness = higher retention)...
  • They want to convert more challenges and trials into loyal, long-term members who are happy and STAY happy with their memberships.
  • They want to set their businesses up for long-term profitability and sustainability
  • They want guidance on opening multiple locations...
  • They want to learn how to sell your gym business (or how to prepare it in case you’d like to some day)...
“I’ve learned how to be a better leader, & a gym owner.”
Bryant Coble Silver Wolf CrossFit
“Our growth rate has increased, our current members are extremely happy, we have a better balance of coaching and managerial roles.”
Danielle Blasko, Top Fuel CrossFit

But.... We’re Not For Every Gym Owner.

Here’s who we’re for, and who we’re not...

Who can join

  • Gym owners with a “rockstar attitude”
  • That means those who can set their ego aside to fulfill the bigger mission
  • That means those who are passionate and ON FIRE about spreading fitness and helping more people
  • That means those who CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP no matter what – ever
  • And that means gyms who want to pay it forward and help others as they achieve amazing results in their businesses and lives
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Elite Gym Insiders CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP. Is that you?

Who can’t join

  • “Yeah buts” – people who have an excuse for everything. “Yeah, but that won’t work in my area…” “Yeah, but I already tried that and my members don’t like it…” “Yeah but yeah but yeah but…”
  • We all have fears and doubts. “Yeah buts” are those who allow those fears to rule their lives
  • Those who complain about a lack of results, but also don’t take any new actions outside their comfort zones to change their results
  • Those who envy and seek to bring down

Are you one of The Elite?

All applications go through a strict review process. Due to high volume, expect up to 48 hours for a response.
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“Our retention rate used to be 50%. It’s now 80%+ and we’re on track to earn $75k-$100k more this year.”
Frank Volpe, CrossFit New Windsor


  • What’s up with the application process?

    We want the best possible fits in EGI. The application process helps us filter out bad culture fits, and ensure that everyone who joins truly has a rockstar attitude and mindset. We don't care about how much money you make. We care about creating an amazing community.

  • Will this group become a paid group in the future?

    There's a very good chance it will. For the time being, it's free to join (assuming you qualify via the application), but we've been exploring a paid model too.

  • What’s the main goal / focus of Elite Gym Insiders?

    Growth. Both in business and in life. We believe business is a way to become better on the inside. The more you learn, adapt, make progress - the more your business grows.

  • Can my membership be revoked?

    Yes. We reserve the right to revoke any membership at any time for violating our community guidelines. In a nutshell, our guidelines are "do unto others," leave ego at the door, take action on advice you receive, and share your own wisdom generously.

  • I don’t need mentorship – I know enough already. Is this for me?

    Nope! That said, I would suggest taking a good, hard look at yourself. Growing a multi-million dollar gym, I've come to see how much I still don't know, and how much I still need to learn from others. When you think you have it all figured out, you've plateaued. We're not interested in anyone in our community who's plateaued. We want people who are always growing and learning, no matter what.

  • How can I join?

    Step 1. Apply for membership. there's a big old button below. Step 2. If you're accepted, we'll send you the invite to join the channel via email. Follow the dead-simple instructions in that email and you're good to go.

Are you one of The Elite?

All applications go through a strict review process. Due to high volume, expect up to 48 hours for a response.
“More free time, less stress. The future seems limitless.”
Michele Kelber, Gantry Kids